Princeton Elm

Ulmus americana ‘Princeton’

Zone 3

Ht 80’ x W 60’

Princeton has an upright growth habit and is highly resistant to Dutch Elm Disease.  Fast growing, graceful and symmetrical branching.  Very tolerant to various soil types, moisture, heat and wind abuse.

Frontier Elm 

Ulmus carpinifolia x U. parvifolia

Zone 4

Ht 40’ x W 30’

Frontier has glossy dark green foliage which turns an eye-catching burgundy in the fall, an unusual trait for elms.  Compact form, broadly oval shape, and Dutch Elm Disease resistant.

New Horizon Elm

Ulmus japonica x U. pumila

Zone 4

Ht 50’ x W 35’

New Horizon has coarse textured, dark green leaves similar to American elms.  Wonderful as a shade tree, it is densely leafed with a compact appearance and an upright, symmetrical growth habit.  Rusty-yellow foliage in fall.