Swamp White Oak

Quercus bicolor                     

Zone 4

Ht 50’ x W 40’

Swamp White Oak has a broad open form, with dark green leaves that are white underneath and distinct, flaky gray-brown bark.  This tree has excellent drought resistance and yet thrives in wet areas. Very easy to transplant and adapts well in urban areas.  Maintains a strong central leader.

Kindred Spirit Oak  

Quercus robur x Q. bicolor ‘Nadler’             

Zone 4

Ht 30’ x W 6’

A new columnar oak introduction from Heritage Trees, Inc.  Kindred Spirit has an upright form with glossy green foliage and has excellent resistance to powdery mildew.  A nice tree for narrow areas and screening.  Possibly the narrowest of the columnar oak options currently on the market.


Bur Oak

Quercus macrocarpa                                                

Zone 3

Ht 55’ x W 45’

Broadly oval, irregular and open canopy with dark green foliage.  Fall color is yellow to yellow-brown and has huge, fringed acorns.  A large and impressive native tree that is tolerant of most soils, withstands drought, wind, and extreme cold.


Crimson Spire Oak

Quercus robur x Q.alba ‘Crimschmidt’                    

Zone 4

Ht 45’ x W 15’

Densely columnar with dark green to bluish-green foliage and a great, rusty-red fall color.




Streetspire Oak

Quercus robur x alba

Zone 4

Ht 45′ x W 14′

A narrow, columnar oak with dark green foliage and wide crotch angles. Short, upsweeping branches create a storm resistant structure. Streetspire leaves turn rusty red in the fall and do not hold the dead foliage through much of the winter.

Red Oak

Quercus rubra            

Zone 4

Ht 50’ x W 45’

Large, oval to rounded form.  Fast growing.  The large and lustrous green leaves first turn red and then eventually brown in the fall.  The leaves are often retained until the following spring.

Regal Prince Oak

Quercus robur x Q. bicolor ‘Long’                          

Zone 4

Ht 45’ x W 18’

Columnar to narrowly oval form.  An English and Swamp White Oak hybrid.  The foliage is glossy

green with a silver underside.  Disease resistant and tolerates a wide range of soils.