Aristocrat Pear

Pyrus calleryana ‘Aristocrat’                                     

Zone 4

Ht 35’ x W 25’

Broad, pyramidal form with white flowers in spring.  Waxy green foliage followed by brilliant yellow to deep-red fall color.

Chanticleer Pear

Pyrus calleryana ‘Glen’s Form’                                 

Zone 4

Ht 40’ x W 15’

Upright, narrowly pyramidal.  Spring brings white flowers in clusters.  Green, glossy foliage with fantastic red and orange fall color.  A very hardy and attractive tree with multiple season interest.

 Jack Pear

Pyrus calleryana ‘Jaczam’

Zone 4

Ht 16’ x W 10’

A small statured introduction with a compact, upright oval habit.  White blooms arrive in spring with dark green foliage and yellow fall color.  Tolerant to dry conditions and fireblight resistant.

Mountain Frost Pear

Pyrus ussuriensis ‘Bailfrost’                                    

Zone 3

Ht 25’ x W 18’

Mountain Frost has attractive white flowers covering the tree in spring, backed by dark green, leathery foliage.  A more vigorous ussurien pear with an upright growth habit.