Quaking Aspen (Clump or single)

Populus tremuloides

Zone 2

Ht 40’ x W 25’

Narrow, oval to pyramidal form.  Native throughout much of the West in higher altitudes.  The flat petiole creates trembing leaves against striking, silvery-gray bark.  Bright yellow fall color.




Aspen Singles







Jeronimus Poplar

Populus sargentii ‘Jeronimus’

Zone 4

Ht 80’ x W 50’

This cottonless variety has become quite popular in Colorado and the western states.  Valued for its tall, straight growth habit so atypical of the species.  Fast growing with a broad, oval crown.  Only moderate water needs.




Lanceleaf Poplar

Populus x acuminata                                                 

Zone 3

Ht 45’ x W 25’

This hardy Cottonwood has attractive 4” long leaves with a light green underside.  Matures to a medium sized shade tree.  It is native from New Mexico to Alberta, Canada.


Robusta Poplar

Populus x canadensis ‘Robusta’

Zone 3

Ht 60’ x W 40’

A cottonless cottonwood that is a seedless hybrid introduced by the University of Minnesota. Known to be a fast growing, smaller cultivar that does well in moderate to arid environments.